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Status Issues (Notifying the birth, marriage...)

Currently our presentions for "Notifying the birth of a child"  and "Notification of marriage" are only available in Serbian Language (CIR or LAT).


TRAVELING OF MINORS (individuals under the age of 18)

Minors (individuals under the age of 18) traveling alone, with only one parent or with someone other than his/her parents must have a notarized letter of consent, signed by both parents or the absent parent. If parents are divorced, a Parental Custody document is permissible in lieu of notarized letter.

Please note: Divorced parents with shared custody rights should carry legal documents establishing their status. Unaccompanied children should carry a letter of permission from their parents or a legal guardian


The marriage of UK citizens (as well as Irish) in Serbia is legally binding under UK law.
You will need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (Certificate of Freedom to Marry in Ireland) which is document required by the Serbian authorities for the marriage to take place.  This is done by Giving Notice at your local registry office no more than 6-month before your wedding date; 29 days after you have given notice, the registry office will release a certificate of No Impediment. This document has to bear the “stamp apostille” to validate the document.
Required documentation (all documents ought to bear Apostille stamp issued by FCO https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised):
• Certificate of No Impediment bearing the Apostille stamp
• Certificate de coutume & MP2 Form (Irish Citizens only), bearing the stamp Apostille (you can obtain from the Foreign Office in London)
• Original long Birth Certificate, bearing Apostille stamp
• Passport
• If you are divorced-a Decree Nisi and Decree Nisi Absolute & previous marriage Certificate, bearing Apostille stamp
• If you have changed your name – Deed Poll, bearing Apostille stamp

All documentation must be original or certified copies and your Certificate of No Impediment must not be older than 3 month.
All documentation must be submitted to the Register Office 30 days prior to your wedding taking place, transleted into Serbian.
We strongly advise you to consult the Register Office for first hand information on legal requirements for getting married in the Republic of Serbia.

Notification of marriage that was performed by a foreign authority

Consular marriage

Notifying the birth of a child born abroad

Recognition of paternity


Dissolution of marriage


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Status Issues (Notifying the birth, marriage...)
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