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Ambassador Aleksandra Joksimović


Born on  20 June 1963, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


• 1985. Graduated Pianist, Faculty of Musical Art, University of Art, Belgrade

• 2001. Visitors Program of US State Department in Public relations

• 2004. Specialization in Strategic negotiation, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, USA

• 2004-2006. Award M. Sc. Degree in International Relationships, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade Subject of thesis: ” US-FRY(Serbia and Montenegro) Relations in Process of Lifting up Sanctions after 5th October 2000”


Professional experiance:

• 1980-1985. Journalist and editor of student Radio Programme Index 202

• 1986-2000. Head of the Piano Department, High School of Music Talent Dr Vojislav Vučković, Belgrade

• 2001-2004. Assistant Minister, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia; Directorate General of Information, Press and Culture

• 2002-2004. Coordinator of Module for Information, Press and Culture Program at Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro

• 2005. Teaching contemporary lessons on US-Serbian relations at Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign affairs of Serbia and Centre for the USA Studies Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade

• 2008. Member of the Publishing Division of the official journal International Affairs, Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade

• 2008. Executive Director of Cepter Group

• 2010-2015. Member of the Board of Directors of Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation of South East Europe, Thessaloniki

• 2011. President of the Centre for Foreign Policy

Languages:  English (fluent)
                      French (intermediate)
                      German (intermediate)


• Roll of Women in Political Life in Serbia, 2004

• Sanctions as US Foreign Policy Tool, International Relations, IPPE, 2006

• Sanctions as Foreign Policy Tool, International Problems, IPPE, 2006

• Serbia-US, Bilateral Relations in Transition in 125 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between the USA and Serbia, edited by Ljubinka Trgovčević, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade 2008, pp 203-222

• Serbia-US, Bilateral Relations in Transition, monograph, Čigoja, Belgrade 2006

• Serbia-US Relations in the Process of Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Kosovo, International Relations, IIPE, Belgrade, 2008

• Barak Obama-Elected President, International Relations, IIPE, Belgrade, 2008

• After Elections in the US, with Svetlana Djurdjevic International Relations, IIPE, Belgrade, 2008


Married, husband Siniša, daughters Anja and Andrea