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Supplementary School in the Serbian Language in the UK

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of the Diplomatic - Consular Mission of the Republic of Serbia in London, organizes educational work abroad and offers children living in the diaspora the opportunity to attend supplementary school in the Serbian language for free.

Classes take place once a week according to a previously established schedule and can be attended by all children whose mother tongue is Serbian, regardless of their place of birth. Three subjects are studied: “Serbian language”, “My homeland Serbia” and “Basics of culture of the Serbian people”.

You can find all the information about the venues of teaching, the schedule of classes and the contact with the teacher here:

Teacher’s contact: Vida Milojković, 07470666368

And don’t forget: “Love the Serbian language a little bit every day. The Serbian language has no one else but us.” Duško Radović


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Supplementary School in the Serbian Language in the UK
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